About the Artist

    Veryal was born the daughter of a Polish Mother and American Father who was stationed in Germany while he was in the Military.  Today, Veryal's husband (who is an artist and inventor) supports her passion for creativity.  Veryal is an artist who works primarily in oils and pastels, but is known to paint miniatures in watercolor as well.
    She has exhibited in many group and solo exhibits at numerous galleries in Beacon, Highland, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, NYC, all of New York State; Connecticut; Washington, DC; and Olsztyn, Poland.
 Her works can be found in numerous private collections in Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, and London, England.
    Veryal obtained her BFA in Painting at SUNY New Paltz, New York where she was awarded the honor of being "Outstanding Student".  Prior to that she attended UNC Chapel Hill in North Carolina.
    After graduation she soon developed her own style of painting in the solitude of her studio for several years until she outgrew it.  She then opened the Back Room Gallery not only to promote her own work, but to give emerging artists an opportunity to develop their artistic resumes along with professional assistance involving matting and framing details.  After nine years the success of the Back Room Gallery lead to opening Gallery 475 to promote her own art while other artists still exhibit their works in Back Room Gallery.
    Veryal tutors individuals not only in professional matting and framing, but also assists students to see the world in different ways through the use of a wide variety of mediums.
    Veryal Zimmerman can be found in the 1996 issues of "Artspeak" and "Art Now Gallery Guide".  She can also be found in 1997 and 1998 "Art in American Guide to Galleries, Museums, Artists."

Artist Statement
  The Natural elements are awe-inspiring subjects especially for artists.  When observing these elements at different times of the day, one can see ever-changing forms, shapes, and light that alter the mood of the subject.  Paintings emerge from experiencing these events and by portraying them from different vantage points.  The challenge is to convey the depth and complexity of these subjects by rendering them in different ways to produce new and unexpected perspectives.
The powerful images of the natural elements are given a minor adjustment in shape and form and are accentuated through extremes in color intensity.  It is the artist's intention to induce the viewer to respond to each work of art either in a positive or negative manner.
These many ongoing themes are currently being explored in a variety of sizes from miniature surfaces to 8'x12' portable screens with images painted on both sides.